Innovative Provider Services

Gone are the days when customers only wanted traditional voice services. Now, connectivity, apps, and automation are in demand like never before. With hundreds of apps already in the Zilkr ecosystem, a universal API and developer support, it has never been easier for a provider to join the modern telecom economy.

30 days free, Month-to-month


Zilkr’s APIs sits on top of existing provider products and services, giving them instant access to the cloud.

An Apps ecosystem

Workflow platforms, hundreds of apps and use cases that continually grow and innovate

Hosted API cloud

Our APIs over your network elements helps you join the $100 billion Telco API economy

A Developer Program

Integration support and SDKs for your customers, partners and developers. As a service.

Provider Plans

Simple, upfront, success-based and month-to-month. No one prices for Providers like we do


$350 per month

Get all the fundamentals with minimal setup.
  • 150,000 transactions per day
  • Best-effort Email support for Developers
  • Best-effort Email support for Providers


$3,500 per month

Take the most out of Zilkr for your growing team.
  • 1.5 million transactions per day
  • 9x5 Email support for Developers
  • 9x5 Email and Phone support for Providers



Enjoy all the features & premium services for high-volume teams.
  • 9 million transactions per day
  • Custom domain URLs
  • Geographic Redundancy
  • 9x5 email, phone and chat support
Get in touch with us to build your custom plan at


  • Unlimited Developers, unlimited capacity for Users/Seats/Phone Numbers
  • Standards-based REST API with a supported library of SDKs
  • Developer and Provider Administration Portal
  • Authenticated account and Apps access control